These are the rules on the discord server!

General Rules

1. Please do not post Grabify links. If you're caught so (Even in DMs) then this will lead to an instant ban

2. If you have a desperate urge to spam, please do it on the #spam channel. It will not be tolerated elsewhere.

3. Please do not post anything adult or curse excessively, occasional cursing is fine.

4. Try to keep discussion on the appropriate channels. Descriptions are found near the top of the screen.

5. Please do not monopolize the voice chat; allow others to be heard.

6. Be nice and DBAD.

7. Do not create events without permission from SuperPatience and SuperAbby.

RP Rules

1. Be fair. Do NOT kill other characters without there permission, do not play god mode and dodge all attacks, break weapons instantly and try not to argue.

2. Let others determine the damage of your attacks and if they dodge but remember to not always dodge attacks.

3. Only control your characters unless you are given permission to control other characters.